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  • Analyzing website memory dumps

    Bug When debugging a production website, Application Insights sometimes is not enough, and you need more powerful tools.

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  • Maintainable Unit Testing

    Test Pattern I’m a big fan of Test Driven Development. I try to push my enthusiasm to my colleagues, but they usually find reasons not to do it. One of these reasons is maintainability, and for a while, I could not disagree with them.

    After a visit to Techorama in Antwerp in 2017, I found some insights in unit testing that changed the way I write code and unit tests. Here’s my story.

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  • My first babysteps in static code analysis with nDepend

    Sherlock Holmes A few weeks ago, I was asked to look into static code analysis, mainly with the tool nDepend. I’ve never had any experience with static code analysis, and was fairly curious about what this was all about.

    In this blogpost I will be talking about what static code analysis is, what the difference is with dynamic code analysis and when to use it. After that I will be covering some metrics and conclusions you can get from a static code analysis tool and I will be ending my post with a small overview of what nDepend has to offer.

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